London Health Care and Ostomy Centre

Welcome to London Health Care and Ostomy Centre a store focused on providing excellent care of our clients and has been one of the foremost providers of ostomy supplies, post mastectomy & compression stockings

We are a family owned health care supply store in South Western Ontario, Canada.  As a health care center we know that our clients are here to shop for the medical supplies to meet their delicate needs. Over the many years of our dedicated service we aim to give our clients exactly what they want and need. We want you to feel at comfort and therefore our other goal is to provide you with an easy access to the Ostomy/Mastectomy/compression stockings supplies .

Its because of these commitments that we are continually working to provide our clients with an outstanding service by keeping track of the new technologies, screening the medical supplies market, working with the best Mastectomy/ Ostomy/Compression stockings supplies manufacturers and creating a friendly customer service.

Since 1971 London Health Care and Ostomy Centre aims to improve the quality of life of the client and help them cope with their medical problems. This is why our store is very client-friendly and our stuff will be happy to help you shop for the products that suit your needs at best, answer your questions and provide you with the full information about any of the Ostomy/Mastectomy/compression stockings supplies.

To sum up all the above we want you to know that you are in good hands as our emphasis is on personal care, service and product availability by well trained compassionate staff.

Shop in our store, or contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for.

Thanks for choosing London Health Care and Ostomy Centre